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What Do The Numbers On A Fertilizer Bag Mean?

Jul 09, 2015 10:40AM ● By Randy

You may be asking what do the numbers on a fertilizer bag mean. It will have three numbers prominently listed on the package. The first number represents the percentage amount of Nitrogen, the second represents the percentage amount of Phosphorus, and the third represents the percentage amount of Potassium. These numbers are also known as N, P, K. These numbers are very important and tell a great deal about what a particular fertilizer bag will do. A way to remember what each nutrient does is top, bottom and all around. Nitrogen or N gives your lawn lush green grass that promotes healthy green foliage on the top of your lawn. Phosphorus or P gives your lawn below ground healthy long turf roots, great for absorbing nutrients readily and water for optimal growth. Potassium or K gives your lawn the ability to build strong cells all around within the turf grass tissue. 

 These cells allow your lawn to withstand various stresses, such as heat, cold, pests, and diseases at a greater capacity. The percentage of each number will vary depending on the time, condition and results you are looking to achieve. For instance if you are overseeding your lawn you would want a fertilizer with a higher percentage of P than N and K to develop longer and stronger roots, now if you were winterizing your lawn you would want a higher percentage of K to build strong cells to help protect your lawn from the cold winter weather. Go check out our website or give Shackleford Landscape Group a call at 302-883-9602 for more information or to schedule your next lawn treatment. 

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